If you need perking up on a Monday, some soft and sexy waves, like Rose Huntington-Whitely’s, are sure to make you feel sprightly. A tumbling, vivacious look, the long layer cut naturally helps the hair to be flouncy and bouncy, while the center-part frames her strong jaw-line, big lips, and blue eyes for a beautifying look dripping with sex appeal. For anyone who desires this attention-grabbing ‘do, click notes for styling tips and tricks.


Step: On damp hair, apply volume foam and styling whip, roots to ends. Rough dry with hands to about 90% dry; toss, scrunch, lift, twist hair as you apply heat to encourage natural body and texture.

Step: Make a center-part. Unless your face is as flawlessly symmetrical as a super model’s, make the part slightly off of center, to avoid splitting the face right down the middle. Mist mid-lengths and ends with protective thickening lotion.

Step: Starting a few inches off the roots (to get a straight to wavy texture), use a curling wand to create soft, sexy wave cascades.

Step: Spritz hair with wave mist, and gently scrunch and tousle to encourage a beachy finish.


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