Kate Middleton’s archetypal long layer cut and side part bears the hallmarks of a classic style for a modern beauty. With lush, dense locks, layers are a great way to create space for hair to swing and move, and to give freedom to arrange styles in a variety of ways. The side-parted bangs, meanwhile, have beautiful shape and free-falling movement, which plays into the artful tousle of this lengthy, feminine style. It’s a great fit for Kate’s strong cheekbones and pretty eyes. We love her color too. An enhancement of her innate hue, brunette keeps the heiress earthy and natural. For tips on attaining a similar look, click style notes.

Step: Ask your stylist for a classic layer cut with side part. If hair is as long as Kate’s, layers can begin around the cheekbones or chin; if hair is more mid-length, layers should start on or above the cheekbones. For natural brunettes, a few lighter pieces around the face-frame help to add magic.

Step: For styling, cocktail styling whip and volume foam and blowdry with mid to large boar bristle round brush. Focus on luster, smoothness and body.

Step: To create cascading texture around the face frame, work a few drops of shine luxe oil down the hair shaft on any area you want to curl; now use a curling iron or wand to soft, romantic ‘C’ shapes that dance around the neck and shoulders.

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