Alexa Chung boasts a luscious natural wave and, like the girl about town she is, she uses this natural texture to create her perfectly imperfect, East Village hairstyles. Cut into a loose, shoulder-grazing layer her style has the softness and the movement to make playful undone shapes and her lived-in looks place graphic emphasis placed on texture. Effortlessly indiscriminate is her signature look. Happily, anyone can recreate similarly disheveled hair; you just need to wear it with Alexa’s special brand of nonchalant insouciance. For our tips, click style notes.

Step 1: Towel-dry hair. Cocktail styling whip and curl enhancer in palms.

Step 2: Work cocktail through hair, roots to ends.

Step 3: Allow to air dry. As you do, from ends to roots, cup, squeeze, scrunch sections of hair. (Imagine you are squeezing a stress ball, only be more gentle!) Repeat all over, and do it again every ten minutes as hair dries.

Step 4: Once dry, pulse Refinish dry shampoo into hair. Ruffle the roots and shake and tousle the shape.

Step 5: Play with final aesthetic till happy.

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