rumpled texture

“Rumpled” and “scruffy” aren’t the typical words one uses to describe beauty, but modern trends have shown us that there is something wonderful, and beautiful, about coming to the party disheveled, deconstructed, windblown, and blowsy. Perhaps it makes the girl appear more attainable, perhaps we like to think that she’s just rolled nonchalantly out of bed, but whatever the reason, stylish insouciance is the look du jour. An easy way to adopt the look is the unkempt texture and side pony pictured above. Learn how to create it in the notes.

Step: Towel-dry hair and apply a pea-size of texture paste. Blow-dry while using hands to toss hair around, encouraging a mussy texture.

Step: On dry hair, pulse Refinish dry shampoo through the shape.

Step: Using hands, creatively tousle, twist, shake, ruffle hair to encourage more body and texture.

Step: Keep hair big and full in the front and, on your favorite side, from the underneath gather a chunky section of hair and tie into a carefree pony.

Step: If you feel you need more texture in the pony or the top, take curling wand and curl a few pieces, but not too much, then lightly brush them out.

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