All sorts of crazy hairstyles appear at the Paris haute couture shows, but the avant garde ponytails at Alexis Mabille really outshone all of the others. This elaborate twisted pony loops over itself to fall forward, with an embellishment dangling off the end. It might not be the most practical everyday style, but it’s certainly inspiring us to try some sleek, high ponytails. Click through for our everyday interpretation of the look.

Step: Towel dry hair to damp and apply defrizz serum.

Step: Use a long bristle brush to blowdry hair smooth in manageable sections.

Step: Brush hair towards the top of the head and gather into a high ponytail. Get it as high as possible to create a more dramatic look. Separate a thin strand of hair from the ponytail, then secure the ponytail tightly with an elastic.

Step: Wrap the thin strand of hair around the ponytail until you reach the end, then pin in place.

Step: Apply shine spray to finish off the sleek look.

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