Here’s Scarlett Johansson as the modern day Marilyn. A vintage, grown up look that takes inspiration from old Hollywood glamor, make this red carpet style your own for special occasions. Synonymous with timeless elegance, beauty and grace this style always looks ‘done,’ but never over the top. Pair with red lipstick for extra punch!

Step: Prep hair with set & style spray and thermal protector.

Step: Curl tresses with 1.5 inch curling iron. Once a section is curled, use a pin-curl clip to fasten. Repeat all over.

Step: Allow the set to cool; release pin-curl clips.

Step: Brush out the set so curls become romantic, tumbling waves with lots of volume.

Step: Create a side-part and tuck or pin the short side behind ear and allow the long side to fall gracefully down and across the eye line.

Step: Mist finished style with holding spray for support and shine.



Style Notes provided by  HYPERLINK “” Mariesa Ferraro, Senior Colorist, ARROJO studio, NYC.

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