With her distinctive features, bleached-blonde hair, and punk-rock attitude Debbie Harry will always be a darling of fashion and style. The latest star to take on her iconic 80s image is modern beauty, Scarlett Johansson. Pictured for the cover story of W, the voluptuous leading lady hardly has the same body shape, and her plain-vanilla virtues are no match for Debbie’s badass ways, but even so, she looks great. Her hairstyle is particularly reminiscent of the pioneering songstress; learn how to create your own retro-inspired 80s ‘do in the notes.


Step: Debbie styled her hair in a variety of lengths from chin to past the shoulder, but she always had a blunt square outline and a touch of messiness. Wearing longer looks she had a few subtle layers around the face, with shorter shapes she favored a crisp, edge. Heavy bangs gave all of her looks a bit of toughness, whether straight, brushed to the side, and wildly teased. To steal her shape, ask for a rounded blunt fringe, a strong exterior, and a texurized interior.

Step: Dramatic platinum blonde was Debbie’s signature hue. To steal her color, ask your colorist for an extra-pale blonde with a golden or vanilla tone.

Step: To get rock and roll texture without blurting out ‘Heart of Glass’, start by misting hair all over with protective thickening lotion. Dry straight with a paddle brush, then spray refinish dry shampoo into roots and shake and tousle. Mist ends lightly with wave mist and scrunch gently to encourage natural movement.

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