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I love nautical-inspired accessories. To me anything nautical means it’s summer. I grew up in New Jersey so we were more shore going boardwalk types, but I went to school in New England and got the full force of nautical and sailing styles. Click the notes for the best ways to sport your sea worthy inspirations. –– Kelly Rowe


Striped Bows

Spice up simple hairstyles with a large navy and white striped bow.

Step: Prep damp hair with set and style spray and styling whip roots to ends.

Step: Rough dry hair with hands, encouraging volume. When hair is 85% dry use a ceramic round brush to finish.

Step: Blow sections out smooth twisting hair before releasing off the barrel.

Step: Lightly mist finished blowout with healing oil for a glossy soft finish.

Step: Attach a large bow to one side of your hair.


Captains Hat

This is my absolute favorite accessory, whether you are captain of a big sailboat or not.

Step: Prep damp hair with protective thickening lotion roots to end and styling crème on mid lengths and ends.

Step: Set hair in rollers and allow to hair dry completely.

Step: When hair is 100% dry take out the rollers and brush out with a round paddle brush to get joined, soft, Marilyn Monroe style waves.

Step: Slide on your captain’s hat slightly tilted for a vintage and fun vibe.


Scarf Headband

This is an easy way to look great, stay cool, and keep your hair out of your face.

Step: On second day hair layer refinish in roots to ends.

Step: Flip head upside down and start twisting hair loosely. Twist into a high bun and pin down with bobby pins.

Step: Flip head back up, if you have any loose bits leave it, it will give the look interest.

Step: Take a long fun scarf, with either anchors, stripes, or shells on it, and tie over hair near the front hairline. If you have long tails on the scarf twist them so they hang to the side.

Step: Pair the whole look with large white framed sunglasses.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.


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