In the modern fashion, celebrity Selena Gomez took to Instagram to reveal how she gets banged up. Her bumptious new fringe reminds us of Brigitte Bardot’s iconic look, but according to her post, it was British ‘IT’ girl Suki Waterhouse that provided the inspiration: “Tried my best @sukiwaterhouse,” she said. In any case, the disheveled, devil-may-care waves combine with the bangs for a sexy, bedhead look. Do you have the swagger to pull off this style? Get tips in the notes.


Step: This style is made up of full, deep-set bangs, aggressive, face-framing layers, and lots of texturizing. Try a razor cut; the straightedge blade is create for soft diffusion of texture and tapered outlines.

Step: It’s really the styling that defines the aesthetic; if desired Selena could easily make a sleek and polished straight look using shine luxe oil and a flat-iron. But here she’s gone for the opposite––the messy, the rumpled, the windswept, and the sexy.

Step: To do, apply styling creme to damp hair and rough blowdry. This means taking hair in hands and tossing and tousling, shaking and twisting to invigorate natural-looking volume and texture.

Step: Once hair is dry, separate bangs and apply a light spritz of set and style spray. Now blowdry bangs side to side using a comb; as bangs dry, switch to combing straight down as you finish the drying. This is a great way to crete a full, luscious bang with lots of movement.

Step: Liberally apply dry refinish dry shampoo to finished look to create instant texture and volume. Shake out with hands.


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