Image: Steven Klein for W Magazine

Captured by high fashion photographer Steven Klein for W’s March cover story, Selena Gomez, wittingly or not, provides a perfect update to the beachy wave look. Rather than the big tumbling ‘C’ shaped swirls that ushered in this trend a few years ago, here we see a wet and wild, snaking wave.  With the subtle headband adding height to the crown, there’s a rakish 70s vibe going on. If you love looking a bit of a louche, steal this style in the notes. 

Step: Rinse hair; towel-dry to damp. Flip head upside down and apply generous helpings of styling whip from the underneath. Cocktail a dime size of curl enhancer with a pea of styling creme and work through hair, roots to ends. Blast hair about halfway dry while lifting off the root and tossing around randomly with hands.

Step: All around the front and sides, take 1-2 inch sections of hair and twist tightly around two fingers. Blow-dry each twist up and down with the nozzle always pointing down. Stop when 90-95% dry.

Step: Part hair slightly off of center (a perfectly symmetrical part is too severe for all but the most perfectly proportional face shape). Backcomb the crown using a bit of fierce hairspray to hold and support. Take a bit more curl enhancer, rub into palms, and scrunch hair gently from tip to root to further encourage a soft, sexy wave. Add a slimline headband to the crown.

Step: Spritz finished style with healing oil for dewy sultriness. Take the part and pull to the side of the center. Back comb the top misting in fierce


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