J’ adore? We do! This soft A-line, long layered bob features an indiscriminate parting with golden blonde color and accents of pink. The combination of a sensual and pretty look with an edgy punk retro feel gives the style a piquant punch. If you fancy adding a pastel accent to a block color, but are unsure of the commitment, there’s a new trend called ‘chalking’ that anyone can do. All you do is take soft pastel chalk from an art store and apply as desired. This has the triple benefit of instant gratification, making you feel creative, and getting to try it without the finality.

Step: Ask your colorist for a golden blonde base and dancing pastel pink accents. Alternatively, get the blonde and create your own accents by ‘chalking.’

Step: Prep damp hair with Set & Style Spray. Blast with hot air from Blowdryer.

Step: Use hot rollers to create the texture needed for this look. Take 10 (approx) hot rollers and place randomly through hair. Allow them to cool. Unwind and release. Gently tousle the shape.

Step: Use ReFinish Dry Shampoo to add lived-in feel, more texture and volume. Using hands, tousle, tousle, tousle. Make the shape imperfect, slaphappy.

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