Short and layered, this modern graduation is a perfect fit for Ashley. Her eyes have the allure of the deep blue sea, so the focus of any style should be to expose and highlight this incredible feature. Happily, she’s got sexy side bangs that glide across her baby blues, making them pop. Ashlee has a great base for blonde. Her skin tone and eye color are complimentary, and flaxen helps her look like a bubbly and fun American Gal.

Step: Cocktail texture paste and styling creme and work evenly through damp hair.

Step: Blast hair with blowdryer. As you do, lift hair off root, push around, and sweep into the general shape of your desired finish.

Step: Using hands, tuck short side casually behind ear and sweep the long top across the eye line, allowing it to fall in an beautifying, elegant way.

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