Whoever said short hair is not feminine, nor sexy, only need to take one look at this contemporary crop cut. Dynamic undercutting enables fluidity, softness, versatility and texture. The shape of this cut gives weightless, head-hugging curvature, accentuates the female head shape, and provides versatile styling options. If you love the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-drove-to-Vegas-with-the-top-down feeling of perfectly imperfect, unkempt hairstyles, this is your go-to. The gorgeous ash-blonde color makes an already edgy style extra gritty and tough –– in a seductive, tantalizing way.

Step 1: Ask your stylist for a modern version of a feminine crop. Make sure they add texture and separation, with undercutting to provide additional freedom for the hair to swing and move. For color, ask your colorist to pre-lighten, and then tone to ash.

Step 2: Style with texture paste to create the most separation, piece-y and disheveled, roughed-up looks.

Step 3: Switch to cream wax for a disheveled finish with gentle, flexible hold, and a low-glow matte finish.

Step 4: Reduce the need to wet shampoo –– and thus keep perfect blonde for longer ––– by switching to Refinish dry shampoo. Add to existing shapes on days two to five to increase texture, volume, grittiness.

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