Ponytails are a style classic. Season after season, we see them on the runways and on the street. There are two main reasons why: One, from sleek to deconstructed, low to high, the styling possibilities are endless; two, it is a quick and easy way to keep hair off the face. This modern version is something every girl with long locks should try. The hair is blown into textured waves, with a side-parting and a low-slung side pony (on the opposite side) creating a cute and sexy, lived-in look.

Step: On dry hair, pulse Refinish dry shampoo through the shape.

Step: Using hands, creatively tousle, twist, shake, ruffle hair to encourage body and texture.

Step: Create a narrow side-part by using the inside arch of the eyebrow as guide.

Step: On the short side, allow a few strands to hang loose, but gather rest of hair and swing around the opposite side. Make it converge with hair from the top and  long side to create one, big thick ponytail.

Step: Using elastic, fix it low behind the ear on the long side of the style.

Step: If you feel you need more texture in the pony, take curling iron and curl a few pieces, but not too much. If they go to curly, brush them back into waves.


Style Notes provided by Mariesa Ferraro, Senior Colorist, ARROJO studio, NYC.

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