BrowsDecorative eyebrows, from rhinestone-embellished brows to candy-colored ones, made a serious statement on the runways at Fashion Week. More traditionally styled bold eyebrows are here to stay, too, and much more wearable for everyday looks. Read on for tips on how to properly frame your face with bold brows. –– By Katie McBroom


Shape up

The shape is half the battle. The beginning of the brow should align with the outer edge of your nose and should peak above the outer edge of your iris. Since bolder brows are on trend, you do not have to pluck too much, just maintain the proper shape and eliminate stragglers. The proper arch can really give an instant facelift and transform your whole look!


Fill in

Use a pencil like Giella Eye Pencil in Cocoa to fill in any sparse areas. For a more natural effect, apply soft hairlike strokes with the side of the pencil, then blend using a clean angled brush. If you want to go bolder, use the point to draw on a more structured shape.


Finish and set

To ensure your perfect brows stay in place all day, finish them up by applying a clear brow setting gel like Giella Brow Set. If you want to take it a step further for a really bold look, fill them in with a colored pencil and then set them with a tinted brow gel like Giella Brow Tint in Brown Suede for maximum impact.


By Katie McBroom


[Katie McBroom is an award-winning beauty blogger and makeup artist based in NYC. We are thrilled to welcome her to Style Noted as our guest makeup blogger. Check out her blog, Martinis and Mascara, and call 212-242-7786 to book a makeup or brow shaping service with her at ARROJO. All products mentioned in this post are also available at ARROJO.]


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