Jessica Stam is part of a new wave of models dubbed the “doll faces.” Her sweet, warm, elegant features are perfectly exposed with this side-parted and graduated crop. Ultra-manageable and ultra-versatile, styles like these are a great option when you want to add strength and definition to the face. Here styled smooth and natural with a few loose wisps keeping it lived-in, with the right styling it could also be made into a messy, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. For our styling tips for similar shapes, click style notes.

Step: For a smooth yet undone look, towel-dry hair to damp and push a dime-size of hair creme through the shape. Blow-dry with fingers for polish within a loose and disheveled finish, or blow-dry with paddle brush to add more smoothness and control.

Step: If you prefer more piece-y-ness and separation, tousle texture paste through the shape and allow to air dry.

Step: Another alternative is to amp texture and create grit with refinish dry shampoo. In lieu of we shampooing, this is great for days two and three.

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