Homeland star, Morena Baccarin, has sweet, warm and pretty features. This cut is designed to bring out her beauty. Short and textured, it is a cropped razor cut that makes her hair manageable and versatile. These types of cuts are a great option when you want to add strength and definition to the face, while making hair easy-to-manage in a soft and casual way. The very dark brown single process defines the shape of the cut, provides the perfect contrast to her skin tone.

Step: Short hair is the most versatile for styling. It can be finger-styled into a messy shape, spiked-up, smoothed-out, or even blown dry to create more wave and movement.

Step: Use texture paste for textural separation. Cocktail with hair creme to add smoothness and control.

Step: For more volume and body, switch to styling creme or volume foam.

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