This bun is classic and pretty, simple and smooth with an extreme side part that adds structure to the look. The soft bits of hair escaping at the nape and temple blur the clean edges, creating a polished, but not-too-perfect, feminine finish. The soft volume at the crown gives us a hint of sixties allure. Read Style Notes to see how to make your own classic bun.

Step: Apply 2-3 pumps of shine spray to your hands and run through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. In the crown, spray a light mist of dry shampoo and gently back brush to create volume. Then part your hair on one side, using the corner of the eye as a guide.

Step: Brush into a low ponytail, down and around the sides of the head so as not to disturb the part. Secure with a rubber band. Wrap hair up and over the rubber band, creating a tight knot. Secure with bobby pins.

Step: Using your fingers, pull a few strands of hair loose around the hairline, at the nape and around the face. Spray the remaining hair with primp working spray to control flyaways.

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