Jules of Sincerely Jules is one of our favorite fashion bloggers, and we’ve always adored her thick brunette locks. She pulls off her ombre incredibly well, as well as her gorgeous long bangs. Sometimes she leaves her chunky bangs down to cover her forehead, but she looks equally lovely when she pins them back. We love that Jules is able to master both looks — she’s such a style chameleon! Which look do you like best – bangs or no bangs?

To style bangs:

Step: Use a comb to create a deep-set bang section. Mist with set and style spray. Use a blowdryer to blowdry bangs from side to side, then straight up and down

To hide bangs:

Step: Use a comb to create a middle part. Divide bangs into two equal sections.

Step: Grab one section and twist it towards the back of the head. Pull it over to the side of the head, underneath the hair. Pin in place underneath hair. Repeat for the other section of bangs.

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