Unless you have a crew cut or a shaved head, product can and will make a great difference to styling. Without product, clean hair is definitely less style-able. But you don’t need a hatful of products to make it work. Of course, you can have fun trying lots of products and experimenting with what works best for your hair, but you only really need a small selection of products that work well for you. Here’s six tips to help you get the most bang for your buck with hair stylers.

Step: Think about your styling products in two distinct categories. Category one should consist of some foundation-building products, and category two should feature one or two products that give a fabulous finish to your look.

Step: Your foundation products create the shape and the structure for you to work with. If you want fullness and lift, you can use a product that builds it, like a volume building foam, mousse or whip; if you want to create texture, look for texturizing or ever better a good dry shampoo. And on and on. . . .

Step: Most styles benefit from a finishing product, too. Products like shine spray, holding spray, or hair spray will add the final bedazzling touches and/or hold your look in place.

Step: Try to find complimentary products from the same brand. They should be designed to work together and the fragrance will also match.

Step: Most products work best when applied from roots to ends. Exceptions include defrizz and shine serums. Serum only needs to be placed from the mid-shaft to the because serum is designed to smooth the cuticle, yet the cuticle is always healthy at the root because that’s the newest, healthiest part of the hair shaft.

Step: Adding product to hair is like seasoning food –– you can always add a bit more, but if you put too much in, the taste gets ruined.

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