At the end of the week the clocks go forward and the shadow of winter falls across us all. One way to beat the gloom is to make yourself feel like new. A revitalizing makeover can be just the thing to warm the cockles of the heart. All you need is a good excuse to make some time for your beauty and your self. We’ve got six of the best in the notes….


Where’s the oomph? Who doesn’t strut and stride when their hair is bouncy and fulsome? If you’re hair is flat and frumpy you’re only going to hibernate all winter; if it’s a struggle to make your hair bounce and flounce, get a new cut. Try layers all around for a swingy, cascading shape.


What Color is that?! If you have highlights that seem more like your natural color than your actual natural hue, it’s a sign of over-highlighting, which can often look streaky. Get a single shade to warm you up through the winter; it will look better and in three months you can go back to highlighting.


Love don’t live here any more. If you’ve not had a compliment on your hair for a month or so it’s a indicator that it’s not looking its best. Every girl needs a little attention; if you’re not getting any, what a great reason for a new color and cut!


New Wardrobe, New Hair. A reinvention of your wardrobe is another great excuse for updating your ‘do. This way, your new look, as it goes from head to toe, is more like a complete image overall. This can be especially good if you’re lost a little weight recently; if you’ve got some new, hip-hugging wares, go fo a sleeker, more face-flattering coif too.


Pony day, everyday. One clear sign of being stuck in a style rut is putting hair up into a quick pony or twist everyday. They are fine from time to time, and more elaborate versions are great for occasions, but a boring old pony day in day out is a lackluster approach to your beauty routine. Get a new cut that inspires you to want to style it with more variety.


Daily 30-minute hair battles. If it takes you this long to create a style every time you go to the vanity, your cut is too difficult to care for. Perhaps it has grown out of the initial shape or the cut may not be a good fit for your natural texture. Either way, get a new ‘do that makes it easy to wash and wear your hair with style and class.


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