A trend that we are noticing in the salon more and more is clients letting their layers grow out in search for a more classic, dare we say long ‘one length’ hair cut. The upside to these shapes is increased versatility when styling. The added length adds weight to curly hair, helping it fall into a looser, wavier shape –– rather than full-blown curls.  Styles like these are also great when you want to achieve a sleeker finish.

Step: Discuss with your stylist if more of a one-length look will work for the texture and density of your hair.

Step: Maintain healthy hair by using deep conditioning hair repair masque weekly, and use hydro mist every day to ensure that once you’ve grown out your layers that they are the healthiest they can be.

Step: Enjoy pinning hair up in multiple shapes. Be eclectic. By the time warm weather come you can go for a daring one-length cut!


Style Notes by Lee Jackson, ARROJO, NYC 

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