Image: Tommy Hilfiger Denim’s spring-summer 2017. Courtesy

Social media star Sofia Richie takes the lead role in he new Tommy Hilfiger Denim campaign, which depicts the life of urban millennials. Joined by Lucky Blue Smith and Anwar Hadid, brother of Gigi and Bella, it looks like generation Y are doing fine. Shot in sun-drenched LA, there’s a strong 70’s California Girl vibe to Sofia’s fashion and beauty look. The grown out bob with side-part and tousled texture points to another season artfully undone, lived-in looks. So grab your Wave Mist, peruse the images below, and get inspired to create your own distressed and cool styles for the spring and summer season.

Sofia-Richie-Tommy-Hilfiger-Denim-Spring-2017-Campaign04 Sofia-Richie-Tommy-Hilfiger-Denim-Spring-2017-Campaign06 Sofia-Richie-Tommy-Hilfiger-Denim-Spring-2017-Campaign07 Sofia-Richie-Tommy-Hilfiger-Denim-Spring-2017-Campaign08 Sofia-Richie-Tommy-Hilfiger-Denim-Spring-2017-Campaign10 Sofia-Richie-Tommy-Hilfiger-Denim-Spring-2017-Campaign11


Images: Tommy Hilfiger Denim’s spring-summer 2017. Courtesy

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