Image: Pinterest.com

The swirling messy texture of this deconstructed, low pony is an inspired way to add insouciant visual interest to your style for brunch or dinner dates. It fits the modern trend for undone looks, keeps hair away from the face, is quick and easy to do, and perfect for second day hair. Read on for an easy how-to…

Step: Mist hair with protective thickening lotion and refinish dry shampoo Use a one-inch curling iron to create curl and movement through the sides and back.


Step: Create a low ponytail, using hair below crown. Divide hair above crown into 3 even sections: one one each side, one in the middle.

Step: Tease the middle section for added volume and texture.

Step: Now twist the middle section and pin it to the low ponytail using a large bobby pin.

Step: Tease one side section to add more texture. Twist it back and pin it to the low ponytail using a large bobby pin.

Step: Repeat previous step on the other side section to complete the look.

Step: Pull a few pieces out around your face to soften the look. Mist whole head with holding spray to add support and shine.

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