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The thought of roller-setting your hair may conjure images of the hair salons of the sixties, hood dryers and cigarettes but we shouldn’t forget the benefits of a vintage hairstyling technique. Made famous by film stars like Veronica Lake, a brushed-out roller-set is still one the most iconic and beautifying hairstyles. Glamorous, lustrous, neck-grazing waves and deep side-part encourages the eyes of an admirer to drift across the face frame, taking in features like lips and eyes, cheekbones and décolletage.  Nowadays, instead of having to roller-set hair over several hours, or even overnight, you can use hot-tools to create this look as quick as a flash. Here’s how. . .  

Step: Towel-dry hair, apply styling creme liberally from roots to ends. Blow-dry hair in hands, tossing around to create body and texture.

Step: Once dry, apply protective thickening lotion. Using a curling wand, curl whole head of hair. After making each curl, use a pin-curl clip to pin-in each curl. Once all curls are pinned, mist the with primp working spray for hold and shine.

Step: Apply cool air from your dryer to pin-curls until they have cooled.

Step: Unclip pin-curls. Using outside arch of eyebrow as the guide, make a deep side-part on your favorite side. Gently brush out curls until they form the vintage, forties-inspired shape you want.

Step: Mist more primp working spray over finished style for an extra dose of support and shine.






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