Ombre –– the graduation of shade from dark to light –– splits hair color lovers in two. On the one hand, there are those that love the sensational melting effect of multi-tone effects; on the other, there are those who find it passé (ombre has been in the big cities for a few years now) or garish. With this debate, we will do well to remember hair is an accessory to enhance your natural charms –– if ombre helps you beautify, do it.  This image is a great example. Classic long length with chocolate-caramel to wheat-blonde ombre is pretty, vivid, dynamic and attractive. It can be used to brighten features while spotlighting texture for a perfect modern style. Learn more about ombre in the style notes.

Step: For this ombre, ask your stylist for chocolate-caramel roots that graduate into wheat-inspired tones of blonde. Expect this to be done with an intricate foil pattern or freehand hair painting. Done correctly, they both achieve great results.

Step: To avoid stripping the color too fast, use dry shampoo in lieu of your regular regimen. Like taking fancy dresses to the dry cleaners, it is a great way to preserve your luxurious hairstyle.

Step: Condition with whipped treatment. A color-locking treatment conditioner with olive oil and shea butter, we find it to be exceedingly kind to color-treated hair.

Step: For styling, use shine luxe oil for polished natural textures.

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