The headband, the braid: Two hair trends unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. Yet the direction in the twenty-first century is to take it up a notch by making trends your own. Inventive and original, this organic braided headband is a terrific example of an inspired street style. Combined with the smooth surface of the rest of the style, here the beatnik braid creates beautiful contrast between the two textures. To learn to create a similar look, click style notes.

Step: Create a smooth, lustrous texture by blowdrying with styling whip.

Step: Make two parts, one on each side of the head near the ear. Comb the hair that is behind the part backwards and put into a ponytail.

Step: Take the right side of the hair and braid, lifting up around the head. Wrap a hair tie on the end of the right side to stop it falling apart. Repeat all this on the left side.

Step: Lift both braids and wrap around your head, positioning them towards the front.

Step: Secure both braids along the bottom of the head with a bobby pin. Release or loosen the remaining hair in the back.

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