Photo by Lydia Hudgens Photography 

For her sense of trends, fashion and style, it’s worth checking in on Kim Pesch’s latest looks. This week, we visited her blog,www.eatsleepwear.com, and she didn’t disappoint. The word on the street is the leather baseball cap is the accessory of choice for groundbreakers and trendsetters this season; Kim shows how to wear it right. Atypically, whenever baseball caps are involved, women gather hair into a tight bun, or make a ponytail and pull it through the back. But the best way to wear the casual yet upscale leather cap is with urban beach waves, tousled and flowing and free. That way, you marry two trends and have the perfect get up for the weekend. For easy styling tips, click style notes.

Step: If you haven’t already, get a cool leather cap! It’s a great weekend style accessory because it is best worn with perfectly imperfect hair, so no need for time-consuming styling sessions.

Step: Take a liberal amount of styling whip and add a few drops of shine luxe oil. Work through damp hair, roots to ends. Blast dry with blowdryer and hands. Twist, scrunch, twirl hair as you do; this will encourage natural wave and movement.

Step: If you need more wave and motion, use a curling iron or wand to add more tumble to the texture.

Step: On days two and three, forgo wet shampooing. Use refinish dry shampoo instead. This will add texture and body and grip, maintaining and enhancing your weekend tousle.


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