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Gigi Hadid has become one of the world’s most iconic women, tapped whenever someone needs to sell a bikini, bra, or lipstick. She was even named model of the year. She is gorgeous, and blends sexy with just the right amount of insouciance. Naturally, at Style Noted Towers we are obsessed with her always perfect, golden blonde, California girl strands. This color immediately gives you memories of the steamy days of summer but it is surprisingly great for feeling all warmed up in the dead of winter too. Click the notes for how to get this perfectly blended golden hue in the cold season.

Single Process Blonde

If you have darker hair have your colorist use a high lift otherwise a permanent color will be fine.  Hair should be all over lightened to a dark golden blonde.

Hair Painting

Classic foil highlights are not the answer to this sun-kissed style. Custom and blended hair painting around your face and some underneath pieces will give you that look of being in the sun all day and getting some naturally light.

No Glaze

Glazes are great for shine and bringing all the colors together, but in this case you want your blonde hand painted bits to pop and your gold single process to look really gold; a glaze will make these tones match too closely. Make sure to request no glaze/toner. A skilled colorist is able to carefully watch pieces they are lightening so they don’t get overly bright and need toning down.


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