Quoted in the February issue of Glamour Magazine, Jennifer Lawrence describes her personal style as the “power lesbian look.” They are not the words that come to mind at Style Noted Towers, but who are we to argue with The Law? Perhaps attempting to emphasize her point, the luscious leading lady turned out for her associated Glamour Mag photo-shoot wearing this sleek tough girl hairstyle, bellicose stance, and pout. We can’t promise you’ll look as butch as Jennifer, but you can steal the hairstyle in the notes. 

Step: Towel-dry freshly cleansed hair. Apply a dime size of hair creme, working from the front to the back using hands.

Step: Comb through with a wide tooth comb, and push the sides behind the ears. Add a quarter size of hair gel and also push through hair from front to back, creating a bit of a wet look.

Step: Add a bit more hair gel to the top section in the front and quickly blow-dry on high heat to create dramatic elevation and hold.

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