Taylor Swift may be the queen of the celebrity spat, but there’s no argument over her bangs. Deep-set and full, her fringe is one of the best. It grazes her brows beautifully, bringing focus down to her alluring peepers. For those at home, getting a bang is a great way to make your eyes your focal point, and change up your look –– without losing length. Click style notes for expert tips on styling bangs. 

Step: Ask your stylist for deep-set bangs that hang tantalizingly above the eye. For upkeep, most good salons will give you free bang trims; ask before you commit.

Step: To create gorgeous bang style, use the pro technique: Mist bangs with set and style spray and blowdry using comb to comb bangs from side to side first, and then straight down. This gives you a smooth and full, shiny fringe

Step: To recreate Taylor’s look, apply cream whip to rest of style and blowdry with hands, tossing hair around to encourage texture and volume.

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