After years in the wilderness, braids are now intrinsic to fashion and beauty trends. We’re always on the look out for new variations and this unusually big and winding and dramatic twine from Jennifer Morrison offers a new take on grand romantic braids. You can steal this look in the style notes.


Step: Part hair to your favorite side. Section off two 1-and-a-half-inch pieces of hair at the front of your head on the long side of the part.

Step: Begin braiding the first section into a standard three-strand braid, working from the top, and moving down and around.

Step: Braid the second section –– about one or two inches back from your first braid –– into another three-strand braid.

Step: Now create a large French braid using up the rest of your hair. Start at the same side where you began your two smaller braids and braid down and around the side of the head. secure with a tie.

Step: Tuck the ends of your two small braids gently into the underside of your larger braid. Secure the ends with hair pins.

Step: Gently tug at the braids, loosening and ruffling the texture for a lived-in feel.

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