Spotted at the Toronto Film Festival, this is an envy-inducing hairstyle from Amanda Seyfried. The rising star elevated the pony with double-sided Dutch braids that amble into an attractive tail on the nape. The loose pony and delicate braids give an airy, delicate, carefree aesthetic, perfect for the weekend. Give it a try with our tips in the style notes…


Step: Comb a little texture paste through dry hair to create a nice, low-volume texture for braiding. Make a clean side part.

Step: Make two Dutch braids, one down each side of the part. On the short side of the part, start on the hairline; on the long side of the part, begin from the top of the fringe.

Step: Connect the braids in the back, creating a loose ponytail out of the remaining length. Mist finished look with primp working spray for flyaway defense and hold.


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