Image: Longchamp Spring/Summer ’16 by Peter Lindbergh

Alexa Chung is the face of Longchamp for another ad campaign. In this picture for their latest collaboration, Alexa brings New York fierce to the French fashion house. Though the jacket and the bag are hard to miss, we think the tousled bob steals the shot. Dancing imperfectly around her cheekbones and chin, and framing her eyes exquisitely, the style feels young and fresh, sumptuous and sophisticated. For tips on getting and styling a tousled bob, click notes.

Step: In the modern world, a razor-cut bob is the only way to go. The razor creates diffused, tapered edges that appear soft and playful; perfectly imperfect. Scissors, conversely, create blunt lines that are too stark for today’s tousled bobs. With a bob, you can have it sit anywhere from chin to shoulder, but make sure it features the soft edges of a razor cut.

Step: Soft and sweeping tousle give bobs a romantic and whimsical shape that perfectly frames the face. if your hair has natural wave to it, you should be able to create a loose imperfect (but perfect) texture with product, a blow-dryer, and your hands. Apply generous helpings of styling whip from roots to ends and spritz in some wave mist. Now, in small sections, wrap and twist hair tightly around two or three fingers. Blow dry these twists up and down with the nozzle always pointing down. Once done all around, spray bursts of refinish dry shampoo into roots, shake out, and tousle into a not so perfect, yet perfectly flattering, shape.

Step: If hair tends to stay straight, apply protective thickening lotion and wave mist, blast dry, and curl with a styling wand. Once you have the texture, simply use fingers or a brush to shape as desired. Finish with primp working spray for soft hold, texture, and shine.



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