Excessive hair cleansing can be a killer. The product you use the most is the one that gives you the most trouble. Shampoo is something we all need. It removes product buildup, gives a fresh scent, and gets hair in the soft and pliable state that makes restyling easy. But it’s not something you need to put over your whole head every time you step in the shower. Click the notes for details about your shampoo and how to stop over washing. –– Kelly Rowe

Don’t listen to the directions on the back.

Unless you just came from an event and your hair is covered in product there is no reason to wash your hair more than once. Washing more than once will make your hair brittle.

Don’t wash your ends

There is no reason to shampoo the ends of your hair. If you feel it’s a must, do it only once a week. Oils come from the root so just refresh you scalp. The hair at the root is also the strongest so it can withstand heavy-duty cleansing.

Conditioner is masking the effects of your shampoo.

Don’t you love how silky your hair feels when you rinse out your conditioner? Everyone does, but it’s also masking how strong your shampoo was. Do this little experiment, wash your hair with shampoo only, comb with a wide tooth comb and let it air dry. If you hair looks extremely frizzy or unmanageable, you are using a shampoo way too harsh for your hair. Switch to something gentler or sulfate free.

Alternate between co-washing and shampooing.

If you shower frequently due to gym sessions or your job, alternate between classic shampooing and co-washing. Co-washing is cleansing your hair with conditioner. It’s a process that will help with keeping your strands from getting overly parched.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted. 

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