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The chic, classic French twist is making a comeback. Pairing the shape with fuzzy texture or vibrant color gives it a funky, modern edge. While the basic construction of this style has been around since Ancient Greece, the version we know today was named for French actress Brigitte Bardot who popularized the shape in the 1960s. As sixties influence infiltrates spring fashion, hairstyles follow suit, enhancing vintage appeal. To give the look an update, keep sides tight and smooth, but add softness around the face. A side swept front with a bit of volume looks chic but soft. Click the style notes for step by step instructions to creating this look. –– Laura Martin

Step: Apply a light hold styler like set and style and dry hair with a paddle brush, blowing away from the face and taking care to avoid making a part. When hair is dry, mist lightly with refinish dry shampoo, working it into the roots, to add some grab and volume.

Step: Section out a triangle from the top of the head, from the outside corner of the eyes to the crown, back comb lightly through this section and pin at the base of the crown. Detail around the front, creating wisps or smoothness as desired.

Step: Take the remaining hair and brush into the back, slightly past the center on one side. Twist into the middle, forming a rolled shape and pin into place. Add a few pumps of holding spray to the completed look.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted  

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