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Sleek braided styles that wrap around the head appear both youthful and wise, exhibiting the influence of ancient Rome and French schoolgirls. A strip of ribbon or lace woven through an entwine adds color and texture. Brightly colored bands, eyelet fabric, and floral patterns are pretty touches for spring. Chose a fabric with contrasting color and texture for maximum impact. Read on for more tips on wearing this look. –– Laura Marti  

Step: Select a ribbon that is slightly longer than twice the length of your hair. Section off the area where you will braid and prep by running a small amount of hair creme through mid lengths and ends to control and polish strands.

Step: Fold ribbon in half to make a loop and attach loop into the base of the section with a bobby pin. Alternatively, you can wrap it around the base once. Divide the section of hair in half and use the ribbon as your third strand. You can also make three sections and incorporate half of the ribbon into two different sections.

Step: Braid hair as desired, and finish by tying off end with the tails of the ribbon. Place on the head in a milkmaid style, wrap around the nape, or finish to taste. Mist with holding spray, to lock in place and control flyaways.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted  

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