What a pretty golden hue! Sent to us by Martin Rodriguez, stylist at Ooh la la salon & spa in Orange County, we love how the blonde transitions from a little bit dirty at the roots to a sunlit golden tone on the ends. The styling is great too. With all that length, the center-part creates a slinky seventies vibe while the ’S’ shaped swirls are perfectly placed to draw attention to the model’s lovely lips and evocative eyes. If you fancy a similar ‘do, Martin’s color formula can be found in the notes.

Color Melt Technique Using ColourWand Balayage Tools with Kin North America Hair Color and KinBlond Lightner.


1.Apply a level 7.0 and 7.31 one ounce and a half each with 20 vol base to about two inches out.

2.Part hair into four sections –– quadrants

3.Start at the bottom back and use the super ColourWand for hair painting a long deep V pattern with bleach and 40 vol. Be sure to use a gradient pattern from the base color. Feather in the bleach lightly to a heavy affect onto the ends.


Special Thanks to Martin Rodriguez for sharing his work with Style Noted.

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