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Sent in by Taylor Green, stylist from Firefly Salon in Derry, NH, this snapshot gives us a lovely look at an inspired hair color. Blending a variety of pastels, the finished style combines delicate and light tones with a punk-rock edge. You can discover Taylor’s process for creating this wonderful blend of hues in the notes.

“I started off lightening her natural level 6 regrowth with Goldwell silk lift and a 20 volume developer. For the maroon section on the underneath, I used half 6vv and half 6rr with 10 volume. Once her regrowth got to a level 10 I toned her all over with 10v in colorance with 2mls of vvmix; then I blowdried her hair and went in and sliced with 3 formulas. Formula 1 was straight vv@all. Formula 2 20g sv@all and 8g vv@all. Formula 3 was 20ml 10v and 5ml 8sb. We also put a few foils of straight up tq@all mixed with a tiny bit of clear. To finish the look, I used Shine Spray for sparkle.” –– Taylor Green


Special Thanks to Taylor Green, stylist from Firefly Salon in Derry, NH, for sharing her work with Style Noted.

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