Happily, owner and founder of ARROJO and renowned celebrity stylist, Nick Arrojo, will be sharing his thoughts on Style Noted in a weekly post. We’ll be getting the lowdown on some of his favorite cuts and colors and styles, tips and tricks and trends from his hip New York City salon. This first post was written the day before Nick’s family vacation, so protecting hair is sunshine was center of his attention. It led to some great ideas all can use to protect their summer style. Read on to hear from Nick…

The most common problem I see in summer is hair that looks and feels brittle and dry. This makes hair prone to frizz, and harder to manage. For girls that color, the sun makes it fade quicker. And if not properly cared for, all hair can get out of control in heat and humidity. So, what are the tips and tricks for easy summer hair care? Here’s some that I think are ubiquitous: 

Switch to shampoos and conditioners that are more moisturizing, especially if your hair becomes big and frizzy in heat. On humid days, hair is attracted to the moisture in the air. This makes tresses expand. But if hair has enough moisture in the first place, it doesn’t expand to search for more. I recommend moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to my clients.

I also recommend an appropriate styler to put in your purse. Hair and grooming “crèmes” like ARROJO hair creme are filled with moisture so any time you feel the heat frizzing your ‘do, apply a little dab to solve the problem.

As we protect our skin from UV rays, so we should with our hair. For example, wearing a hat or headscarf can be a stylish addition to your summer wardrobe and it’s the best way to stop UV getting to locks.

Nowadays most girls who color their hair know about color save shampoos and conditioners and how they preserve shine and luster. The advent of dry shampoo has created another excellent option. Now you can ‘dry clean’ your hair –– in a similar way to how you dry clean your little red dress to prevent the vibrancy of the color from fading. Wet shampooing fades color fast; dry shampoo means color lasts longer.

We all like to splash around in the pool in summer but you may wish to consider the parching effect of chlorine before you do. Doing so doesn’t mean stopping swimming; I know a clever trick to protect hair, especially if it is colored or suffering from existing damage: Wet hair before swimming and add a lightweight conditioner (like ARROJO gentle conditioner), then put on a swim cap while hair is wet and filled with conditioner. It stops hair absorbing chlorine.


Nick Arrojo 

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