Red is so striking. It is such a distinctive color that it immediately defines the personality of that person. And reds offer you lots of variety with tones in the orange, violet, and blonde ranges, which gives you loads of scope to be creative and get a one-of-a-kind, individual look. If you want to join the trend for red, there’s a few options. You can go for a single-process, which gives you one shade of red all over, you can get high or low lights, and you can also try an ombre effect. For more tips on turning hair red, click style notes.

— For a full single block color, try deep dark reds with hints of violet. Some other favorite shades include ruby reds, burgundy reds, cherry reds, crimson and scarlet. All are great tones and are sure to make you feel special and unique. Remember red tones work best on fair or tan skin. If you have a pearly red skin tone, work with your colorist to find a tone that matches the shade of your skin. Eye color is another good thing to think about: If you have green, blue, or grey eyes, reds will really make your eyes pop for a sensational color-coordinated ‘do.

— If you’re curious about red but aren’t ready for the full commitment, start with some subtle high or low lighting. For darker brunettes, a red highlight will add richness and dimension. For more mid to light browns, dark red low-lights add depth and subtlety. For blondes, red highlights present more of a challenge as getting the colors to contrast correctly is tougher, but well-executed soft, strawberry red highlights are among the most desirable tones right now.

— You can also try an ombre effect. Ombre fades color from dark to light  to create a visually appealing graduation of color. One of the best benefits of this, apart from it being so fashion-forward, is that it’s a more natural, lived-in look, so you can afford to let the colors grow in for longer, extending time between salon visits, which saves your cash.

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