This faded pastel-rose tone embraces the trend for candy-coated hair color, yet in a refined, muted hue. For anyone that has gone bright in recent seasons, this is a great, fashion-forward way to tone down your look with hazy pastel pinks. It would also be an excellent way to offset an early onset of grey. With a vintage, flower-power feeling, it’s ideal for floral dresses and otherworldly accessories. For tips on attaining a similar tint, click style notes.

Step: Consult with your colorist about the best way to create a dusky tone, tailored to you. As well as pastel pink and rose tones, purple, turquoise, peach and violet also look beautiful as faded pastels.

Step: If hair is not light, it will need to be pre-lightened first, then toned.

Step: These kinds of colors fade fast. One clever way to extend their life in-between salon appointments is to use non-permanent hair colors, like the Manic Panic range. Another good trick is to use refinish dry shampoo in lieu of wet shampooing, to stop the color washing away.

Step: Maintain your color at home with color save shampoo and conditioner. Use refinish dry shampoo to prolong time between washings and give the hair a low luster finish that enhances the faded quality of these shades.

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