When we think of creating volume in the hair, we usually blow-dry with a round brush, or we use a curling wand, to build body by lifting tresses off the roots. But who wants more heat on their head in the dog days of summer? Besides, you can achieve volume without heat, and it usually looks more natural and has more movement. Steal this summer styling scoop in the notes.

Use light, fluffy products like volume foam and cream whip to add airy body and texture without weighing hair down. 

Flip upside down while applying the product to encourage roots to defy gravity.

Massage the scalp to rustle up roots for natural-looking volume.

Flip hair back and do not smooth. Allow it to fall into place as it dries.

Tousle when moisture is almost gone to break up texture and encourage lift and movement.

If it starts to fall pull it up in a high loose bun secured with a single big bobby pin and allow to dry completely.

Finish with primp pumped into roots for all-day shine and hold.

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