These days, a chic bun feels more stylish and fashionable than a simple ponytail. It leaves no hair falling forward and no hair on the shoulders, making it practical for hot summer days and nights, while always maintaining a classy, polished and refined vibe. It’s also a great way to lift and highlight cheekbones, chin, lips and eyes –– all of the wonderful womanly features. To learn how to make your own high bun, click notes.


Step: On damp hair work a dime-size of styling crème through the hair, roots to ends. Blowdry smooth with a paddle brush.

Step: Now pull hair into the shape of a pony, positioning it where you want your bun to be (if it helps, use a ponytail holder to hold in place). Make sure hair is pulled up tight and sleek, with no flyaways.

Step: Now simply twist into a bun. Think of it like a circle and, to hold the shape and structure, put bobby pins in at every 45 degrees.

Step: For a fabulous finish that ensures your bun will hold up through hot and humid days and nights, finish with a light coat of primp working spray over the style.

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