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It’s Super Bowl Sunday and if you are like the rest of America, you will be getting together with friends and family to cheer on your favorite team and indulge in endless amounts of beer and food. Having a great and easy hairstyle for your party will ensure that you keep your strands out of your face during your celebrating and munching on buffalo wings. Click the notes to find out how to get the looks pictured above. –– Kelly Rowe

Smooth and Sporty French Braid Pigtails

These are a great alternative to regular French braid pigtails. These braids start right off the part and continue on the hairline until finally going to the back of the head and into the lengths of the hair. 

Spray damp hair with a quarter of hair gel. Make an exact center part. Using small sections start on one side of the part at the front hairline. French braid close to the hairline before going over the ear and down to the lengths. Secure with an elastic and braid the other side. When finished mist the whole look with primp for light hold and shine.

Super Sleek Pony

You can never go wrong with a perfectly sleek ponytail. It’s simple but chic.

Blow dry hair smooth with defrizz serum. Using a round paddle brush pull hair into a mid height ponytail. Make sure to smooth out all bumps. Use a dime of pomade and smooth over pulled back area for a glossy finish. Take a piece of the pony from the underside and wrap around base to hide elastic. Spray whole look with holding spray.

Glam Sock Bun

This is a great little way to update the usual sock bun. Look super girly for the super bowl. 

Using a large bun former or cut sock, work hair high above head and roll down until the bun is secure on your head. Lightly smooth over everything and mist with refresh dry conditioner for a satin and smooth finish. Add an over sized bow to the front of the bun for a doll like ‘do.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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