Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, and super model Gisele Bündchen recently teamed up to prove to the world that cropped cuts are super sexy. For his third runway season at Balenciaga, Alexander Wang shot Gisele for his Fall 2014 campaign. Nothing too special right? A super model in a designer ad? Wrong. The ad totally rocked beauty standards by depicting Gisele–a super model known and loved for her envy-inducing beach waves––with a masculine cropped cut. Fashion-followers got a glimpse of a new and rebellious Gisele in her shorn and slicked back strands amongst a series of cracked mirrors, which makes the campaign even more intriguing. Don’t worry wave-enthusiasts, it was all excellently faked through the use of some photoshop magic. But we really love the look and if Giselle and other top super models can pull off this hot style, you can too. From Twiggy to Linda to Kate, click through to style notes to see our favorite super-models with cropped hair. –– Michelle Rotbart


1. Twiggy

We can’t bring up hot short hair models without Twiggy. At the time, her look was unique and it shot her to fame.

01 Twiggy

2. Karlie Kloss

Certainly can’t forget to include The Kloss, wearer of the infamous crop, which launched thousands of copiers, articles, and lovers of short tresses.

02 Karlie Kloss

3. Alek Wek

She’s got a great face and who needs long hair when you have such an amazing smile.

03. Alek Wek

4. Linda Evangelista

Style maven and beauty trendsetter, she can make anything look amazing.

04. Linda Evangelista

5. Kate Moss

Because she’s freaking Kate Moss. Everything she does is sexy, including the round graduation pixie cut.

05 Kate Moss



Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group

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