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You probably have a routine that you follow when you are getting ready for work in the morning or getting ready to go out on the weekends and that routine normally involves some form of hair styling. Did you know, however, that you could be making some mistakes with your styling that are either making it more difficult to style or just making your hair look less than stellar? Click to the noes to see the 5 most common hair styling mistakes. –– Kelly Rowe

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“Air-drying,” “natural texture,” “tousled waves.” These buzz words, and many like them, make modern hairstyle trends casual and carefree. It’s also makes roller setting seem time-consuming, old-fashioned and frumpy. But not only can a roller-set give you smoother texture, bigger curls and bouncier body, it can last and last and last, so, after the first day, all you have to do is brush it into your favorite style, rather than re-wash and air-dry all over again. Imagine that –– spend 45 minutes setting, and then you won’t have to worry about your hair again all Holiday weekend, while your friends will be raging jealous of your independently beautiful style. Get some tips in the notes.

Portrait of summer young woman outdoors. Soft sunny colors.

Air-drying your hair is something everyone wishes they could do. The simple fact that you don’t have to do anything more than shower and walk out the door is a very enticing thing. Summer is the perfect time to get air drying so click the notes for how you can become heat free this summer. –– Kelly Rowe

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one length

I am a huge fan of all one-length cuts. It’s the pure simplicity of the cut that makes it so great. This style allows your clothing and makeup to do all the talking. However, there is one problem that occurs with all one length hair and that is the heavy overall feeling of the look. The weight of the cut makes it difficult for hair to spring and move and flow. Click the notes for tips on how to get your one length cut to move. –– Kelly Rowe

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When you’re blessed with natural curls, your life should be easier, not harder. Unlike straight hair or uneven waves, the style is already there, it just needs a little guidance and taming. Even the laziest of on-the-go chicks can change up her messy bun for perfect curls. With the right techniques and a little product, you can achieve effortless hair in as little as ten minutes. So put the straighter down and start embracing your genetically given curls. Click through to style notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart


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