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When you flip through your closet, is there a common theme, or do your outfits feel haphazard? It’s easy to get swept away in wave after wave of trends, but the most stylish women have a common theme or idea that unites every look in their arsenal. The four images above represent four archetypal fashion types that will give your look cohesion while leaving plenty of room for individual interpretation. Which one is the best fit for you? Find out in the notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

face shape

When were looking for a new hairstyle that will be our ‘most flattering ever ‘do’ we often prefer to search out latest trends instead of thinking more about our face shape and what will suit it best. While the shape of your face isn’t the only determining factor––hair type and lifestyle also have a big influence––choosing a cut that fits and complements your features is the first step in the direction of great hair style. Click the notes to learn what cuts best suit what face. –– Kelly Rowe

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Inspired by avant-garde attitude and St. Patrick’s Day camaraderie, a wig is a different way of looking at transformation. The fun, loose, airy texture creates a beautiful yet sexy and edgy vibe. We can’t promise everyone will look as good as Angelina with a neon headpiece (does she look bad in anything?!), but wear it with rock and roll attitude and your fellow revelers will be green with envy.

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Angelina forgoes her typically polished runway look for a more fashionable, mussed up style. The flowing, golden waves present a womanly tousle and flow, and a gorgeous, romantic face-frame. Styles that go from flat and straight at the crown into gushing wave and curl waterfalls are right on trend –– use hot tools to get these looks quickly and easily.

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