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When people are growing their hair out from a pixie cut they usually hate the first few months while they wait for the length of the sides and top to catch up with the back, but this is also the time when they’ll get the most complements. As the front grows, if you continue to cut the back length (which will otherwise turn into a mullet) the result is a crisp bob-like line in the nape with piecey sides, a long bang, and lots of texture. Its fun, feminine, and carefree. But you don’t have to go pixie-short first to achieve this look, learn more in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →



One of the hottest recent hair trends, swept into fashion by a spate of celebrities adopting the style, is the pixie cut. The look has many benefits, like easy styling and a fun and youthful vibe, but making a faux-braid twisted updo has never counted amongst them. Until now. Anne Hathaway uses a scattering of twists and mini-pinned-up sections to create a flirty, pretend-plait updo out of her short hair. Aside from adding cool points and putting another styling option into your armory, this look gives visual interest and exposes all of the neck and shoulders, creating demure sex appeal. To learn how to make a similar shape, click style notes.

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Swept back, easy styles were a big trend at last week’s Academy Awards. The Quiff often looks too severe, but these fresh takes on the shape were anything but somber. Natural texture, separation and minimal volume kept the the red carpet looks feminine and soft. Wearing hair away from the face feels youthful, fresh and unfussy, perfect for softening a glamorous gown or beautifying a casual ensemble. Click the style notes for step-by-step instructions to creating the look. –– Laura Martin

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When Jennifer Lawrence did the red carpet strut wearing a new pixie cut she joined the long line of celebrities to have donned a playful, elfin shape over the last few years. These Hollywood icons have made short hair popular again; women and girls are lining up for a style that is equal parts sassy, elegant, Parisian chic. Whether textured or smooth, glossy or gritty, the best contemporary interpretations of a quintessential crop have a few things in common. So to be sure your short hair cut is hip, take to your hairdresser our golden guidelines for the best pixie-inspired looks; they are in the style notes…

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We love a good makeover. Especially a movie montage makeover! It’s fun to reinvent yourself and try out new looks.  Seeing someone’s confidence grow because of a few changes is a treat. Check out the above clip of Anne Hathaway, as princess Mia getting a new style. We love her new demeanor. but we’re mad her stylist didn’t keep her awesome hair curly. –– Michelle Rotbart