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“Perm” seems like an evil word to say nowadays; I think the ‘80s has given everyone a paranoia about it. The truth is perms are awesome and it was just the bad styling and the overly curly looks of the ‘80s that give perms a bad rap. Perms have also evolved to be gentler on the hair allowing better styling options or services without the risk of damage. Click the notes for all the info. –– Kelly Rowe

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For creating volume, texture, curls and beach waves American Wave is a revolutionary salon service invented by ARROJO. Using ionic waving lotions in combination with editorial hair setting techniques, American Wave shapes a range of permanent textures, like the soft wave and curl patterns on the vanguard of fashion and beauty trends. This new editorial video release shows its contemporary, trendy aesthetic, and is the perfect piece of fashionable, flirty and fun inspiration. Watch the video in the style notes….

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